Teneara Faw - Hey Melissa, I enjoy your work! I'm curious how you get your Frivolous Friday fashion self-portraits? Maybe a behind the scenes tutorial on this would be fun. Are you shooting those yourself. If so, what are you doing with regard to camera settings and set up? All the best, Teneara
Emily Crall - Yay!!!!!!!!! They're back!!!!!!
Marvin Blue - I love that you guys raised so much for charity, I didn't come close to my donation as you did at my Autism walk but I am proud to walk for my nephew and raise money on his behalf, cheers to a new week!!
Niki - Yay! I am so glad you are doing these posts again Melissa! We've all missed them. xoxo
Denise Brinkman - YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY! I'm so excited this series is back!
Amy Demos - YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! All is right with the world!!!
Jordan - Frivolous Fridays ARE BACK!!! Yay!!! And the cockroach part. OMG. William would've killed it for you ;)
Amanda L. - I missed these posts and am glad they have returned!