Melissa Jill - Hi Kristina! I agree. I find that I'm less rigid with my selections based on focus with film images vs. digital. With film a lot of times the emotion and "feel" of the image trumps the fact that the focal point isn't perfectly sharp. But it's definitely something I judge on a case-by-case basis!
Kristina - Hi MJ! My question has to do with culling. Have you found that because you are taking less photos, and spending more time on each one... when you miss focus and say- the shirt collar is more sharp than the eyes... but the image is exquisite, are you more likely to include it anyway? With digital we take so many- but I feel like sometimes I might be so caught up on PERFECT sharpness, that I overlook great images that are magical for the client.
Adam - Wow Amazing Stuff. Thank you for sharing your experience. :)