Karien - "But I'm not shooting film as a way to strategically book more clients. I'm doing it for me. I'm doing it because it makes ME love my images and has helped me rekindle my passion for my craft -- allowing me to want to keep doing what I'm doing for another 5-10 years to come. " - love this!
satrain18 - The "depth" you're talking about comes from shooting medium format, not from shooting film instead of digital. your claim that you can only get correct skin tones from film is not a fact but your own personal opinion and other things in order to justify your personal hatred of digital photography.
Melissa Jill - Hi @satrain18 -- you are right in that everything here is my personal opinion. And I certainly don't "hate" digital photography. I'm still a hybrid photographer and use digital photography in many instances to achieve certain results.
Lynn Cobb - Wow! So on a recent photoshoot I ended up shooting 250 images and then I had a moment in editing where I remembered this post and I said "ah ha! NOW I get what MJ was saying... INTENTIONAL photography... SUCH a moment of ahha-ness & clarity. Although, I still shoot digital this will be my moto. (PS - I used to shoot with a Contax 645 & the same lens you have - still have it in my closet. Never wanted to give it up :))
Sandra M - Such a great post Melissa! You are inspiring. I have just started practicing with 35mm. And while, like you said, not the best, I still love it and want to make the jump to medium format. The pictures you have shown in this post are amazing!
Leon (ROM Photographer) - Great post! And thanks for answering my previous question. :) I love that you mentioned medium format specifically and that 35mm might not yield the same results.
Kurtz - love the article Melissa, great read, what film stock do you use the most for your professional work?
Kat Bruns - A Twist of Lemon Photography - Beautifully said, I love all of this!! Your work is amazing and I'm so excited to get further on my own film journey. I feel the same way, it's about me, the rekindled passion for my craft. Perfectly spoken.
Katie Geiberger - Love this! You know if you have a film workshop, I'm THERE! :)
Jeremy Chou - love this, agree with you 100% on everything. I feel like we are in this journey together!!
Melissa Jill - Thanks for your comment Jennie! I will likely teach workshops in the future, but I don’t have anything planned in the near future. I am available for one-on-one coaching sessions if you’re interested! More info here: http://www.melissajill.com/photographers.cfm#coaching
Jennie - Thank you for sharing! Will you be teaching any workshops about your approach to film? I'm just jumping in with medium format and loving it so far, but know I have so much to learn!