Sarah McMillian - So awesome Melissa!! Congrats - so well deserved!!!!
Trina Knudsen - So Happy for you, Melissa!
Barbara Bingham - Wow. What a great interview!
Rene Showalter - Congratulations Melissa! This is so amazing.
Tatyana - I loved watching!
Karen - This is so amazing! I love how they captured your start and growth in the business. I've been following your blog for years, and this video really highlights how great you are. :)
anja - Wow, that is exciting :) Congrats :)
Shannon - This was awesome! I think they did a great job explaining how you run your program and you sounded great! Way to go friend!!!!
Lynn Cobb - Well, that was an awesome interview! I thought it sounded very professional. Thanks for posting!
Karen - YYYYYYAAAAYYYYY 4u!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Way to rock it, girl! :)
Liz - How AWESOME are you MJ?!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great story on your business. You sounded great, and it was so fun to finally hear your voice after following your blog for so many years. You're just as cute and sweet as I imagined. :)
Cicely - Freaking awesome girl!!! A lot of hard work has been put into building your brand. You are a blessed rockstar!
Denise Brinkman - I was promised awkward, but awkward was no where to be found! You sounded SO GREAT. Very professional, very savvy. I totally expect this clip to win over future potential clients who can't afford you, but were on the fence about using an associate. Awesome.
Sara Nevels - YAY!!!! Congratulations!! That was really awesome! It came together so well and you sounded GREAT!! So happy for you and the associate program to be recognized in this way! Well deserved!
Jennifer Starr - CONGRATS Melissa! Very cool.
Don - Wow, congrats, that's great. I've never heard of anyone doing this before (associate photographers) in the wedding industry.
Annemarie - You are incredible!! Congrats on the well deserved recognition.
Jessica Ranae Photography - You did a great job! I love hearing about your business model! You are such an inspiration!