Oriana - Melissa, I am so inspired by you! These images are amazing and it's so cool to see that you are pushing and actively learning. :-) Silly question... I noticed you are not watermarking your photos anymore and I am curious, what is the reason? I know that for me sometimes placing a watermark feels like an extra step and I wonder if it's worth the trouble. I'll be continuing to watermark as I develop my brand, but just so curious about your am choice.
Dan Ward - These are just amazing Melissa, your work is incredible - the colours and composition are just something else :)
Melissa Jill - Frances -- yep! All shot at f2 :)
frances - Amazing. Just wondering, were these shot at 2.0??
Kari Jeanne - WOW. You + film = AMAZING.
Paul Moffett - Absolutely fantastic images. You have raised the bar on film imagery and once again set a beautiful standard for the rest of us. Please keep up the great work and please continue to share with the MJ community. You have wonderful gifts.
Kurt - Unbelievable set of images Melissa. You truly created another world within that venue. Thanks so much for sharing!
Annemarie - Wowza. You knocked it out of the park with these images, Melissa! Amazing!! Side note : *blush*. How did you keep a straight face with that model shirtless?? A little different than your typical weddings, huh? ;)