rennai hoefer - These are so gorgeous. Would you mind sharing what ISO you rate portra 800 at normally (for indoor). Thank you!
Klaudia Ciepli?ska - I love soft bright light on Your photos. You captured love and joy in their kitchen. This shoots really inspired me for my next couple session which I will be shooting in Jelenia Gora in Poland where i live. Your photos are Really beautiful piece of art. :)
Ali - the ingredients of love :) I miss the favorite button on the website. I want to star my favorite ones
richard - lovely !!! sensual romantic feel !!! captures the couple intimacy so well...
javier - Great job! Did you use auto focus?
Dennis Bullock - So amazing Melissa!
Stephanie Ortega - LOVE this! SO GORGEOUS!
Melissa Jill - Great question Karen! I shot 15 rolls of film for this shoot. And medium format 120 film only has 16 frames per roll. So a total of 240 images. WAY less than I would have shot for digital. But the keeper rate is far greater when shooting film because you're more intentional and don't overshoot, so I ended up with the same number of edited images that I would have had I shot digital.
Karen - cute, cute, cute, cute!!!!!!! c'mon, tell us how many rolls of film you shot! :) My college photogs & I were talking .. we think we shoot WAY MORE due to digital than we ever did when we shot film! Am curious! :)
Anna Padilla - Wow, what a gorgeous surprise this was! Great job, can't wait to see all the beautiful photos awaiting your weddings!
Kari Jeanne - LOVE!!!! Oh my goodness Melissa - these photos are INCREDIBLE!!!! It's like you skipped right over the film trainee & became a film MASTER!! Such gorgeous images!! I love how natural & organic these photos feel - not posed or staged but like you peeked into their lives & this is what you saw. Amazing job!!
Janelle - G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. every one of the images...perfect match.
Amanda Mohinani - Melissa, you were born to work with film!! This is So stunning!! I'm so happy that you're pushing yourself to new creative levels. It's obvious that whatever you're doing is working!! I told Sunil last night that I want to get married again so you can shoot our wedding in film!! :D Let us know if you ever need models in Kansas... ;)
Susanne Ashby - Gah!!!!!!!! These are seriously AMAZING! I love LOVE the look of film (have wanted a Contax 645 for YEARS) and I love the way you captured this couple. Super fun theme, too! :)
Becky Huff - WOW! Simply WOW! I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time. I, too, learned photography by b&w film and you now make me want to explore getting back in to film. STUNNING work as always MJ! Film is going to set you apart from all the others and I believe this is a smart move. What are your thoughts on film becoming obsolete? Is it going to make a comeback?
Jade Wilson - Talk about stunning! I do LOVE THE COLOR! You all came together in such amazing ways to create magazine worthy art. I totally want a redo on my engagement and wedding photos! All of your guys hard work really shines through in the final product! A round of applause goes out to the Melissa Jill photography team.
Andrea - Beautiful. Just beautiful! I think you made the right choice.
denise karis - whoa.
Shawna Morath - This is art. SO beautiful! I love all of the images, but especially the tippy-toe one :)
Amy Demos - This is my favorite Mj shoot EVER!!! Love love love!! You + film = amazing!! So proud of you for rocking this out!!
Shannon - I was a little skeptical about how different film would look but I'm a believer now. I saw what that set looked like in real life and it was beautiful. But the way that these images captured the scene and the light is breathtaking. Really great job friend!