Nancy Hall - What a great picture of Alaine. She is a treasure.
anja - Sarah, you will be missed, but I wish you all the best for your future! :) I am happy that Melissa finally found someone for the job :) Alaine, Welcome :)
Tira J - Oh wow! Sara, you will be missed, but we all know that God has big plans for you! You are such a great person to be around (that one time we had lunch) :) Welcome Alaine!
Janelle Roads - This is Alaine's Mom. We, her family, are so happy she found such great people to work with. A few more words to describe Alaine- Genius, Genuine, Loyal, and she's a Perfectionist at her work! I hope Sara will continue to grow and find another wonderful outlet for her creativity as she found with you.
Liz - MJ I am so happy you found a great replacement for Sara! YEAH!!! After reading this it made me wish I lived in AZ and could work for you! Ha!
Anna Padilla - Best Wishes to you Sara! MJ - I'm so glad that you found someone wonderful! Hopefully, you can sleep a little easier at night. =)
Michelle Boyd - Aww this is SO bittersweet! Sara I remember meeting you for the first time 2 1/2 years ago and being so encouraged by your warmth and willingness to serve others. You are a ROCKSTAR, and I can't wait to see what dreams lay before you! Alaine I can't wait to hopefully meet you someday soon, MJ is the best!!
Kari Jeanne - Such a bittersweet day!!! I love Sara SO MUCH & cannot wait to see the exciting things unfold in her future!! But I am just so happy that you have found someone to take her place - I know it's been a long journey for you MJ but I'm sure this is the person God had intended take over from Sara all along :) Wishing all three of you the best! xoxo!!