Dmitri Tsitelauri- wedding videographer - I love Indian weddings! They are so colorful and happy! Indeed, Tina did an excellent job capturing these happy moments...
Melissa Mitchell - Fabulous traditional wedding celebration! Shots are fantastic!
Lindsay - Wow, this wedding is beautiful! The colors are fantastic!
mark boucher - Thanks for sharing such beautiful and high-quality photographs. These are one of the best images that I have ever seen
Kevin Aguilar - That is one heck of a wedding! Full of beautiful colours and a lot of fun! Great job!
ND Wedding Photography - I love the traditional dress and colors - makes for such beautiful images.
Naomi - I love these photos!!!!! Best ever!!
Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography, LLC - Wow. The color, the emotion, the gorgeous photography. Thank you so much for sharing!
Amy Demos - WOW! LOVE all the amazing colors & life in this! So beautiful!