jackie - Love this! if my couples have a buffet, i like to let them know ahead of time that we will be going thru the line early, not to be alarmed, we need to eat and get back to work!
Melissa Madden - Great post. Thanks for tackling such an important subject! :) I always pack bars and nuts in Keith's camera bag - cause you just never know!!!
Jordan Demos - Subway for lunch is the BEST idea EVER! I've never been hungry again on a wedding day! MJ = Grand Wizard of Great Photography Ideas
Denise - Great post! I also wanted to add that if you put out casual lunch food for your family and wedding party with the intent that the photographers should eat it too, don't assume that they know they can help themselves. Be sure to verbally offer it to them.
Karen - Agreed! :) Most of our couples are amazing and love to feed us, so we're blessed. And I agree, the corner of the ballroom on the floor ... quite possibly the best seat in the house! Happy Tuesday, MJ!