Tira J - I've been catching up on all of your blog posts today and this one caught my eye. Better late than never I guess. I have been on this same quest for some time now. I will say that the less is more strategy works and you and your clients will benefit from it. God has been pulling me in a variety of directions as well and I don't think he's been as clear in my life until now. My heart has been pulled in so many directions lately both professionally and personally and I'm happy with the direction HE is leading me. I am proud of you MJ for recognizing this, while I know it hasn't been easy, over time, you will see the clarity in all of the decisions you make. I really like your new goals and boundaries. I may have to make a similar list and post it so I can be held accountable for it. Love ya girl and I'll be praying for you. xoxo
Emilia Jane - I hear this! Can't wait to catch up with you in a few weeks in Nantucket and hear more about what's on your heart. Big hugs! <3
Christina - My favorite saying lately is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. I keep complaining about the same things. The time, the quality of life (which isn't bad at all) and wanting something different. I'm starting to put in place things that will change some of the things that wear me out. Or at least being aware, which is a big step. A blog post I read today (I think on Petapixel) was about killing your darlings. While I"m not an accomplished photographer like you, if I clear out the so so photos or declutter areas of the house, or learn a new software (trying to learn Evernote), then by killing the darlings, I'll have space open for new to come in. In addition to zenhabits, another minimalist website I recently learned about is The SImple White Rabbit. What I like about her is she's not at the extreme of truly living with almost nothing but removing and keeping what you want. She loves to bake and has like 15 different kinds of flour. But other areas of her life are minimialistic. It's that realistic life approach that I can fit into my life too. Thank you for the honest blog post of life isn't always so rosy. It makes me feel like my chaos is normal after all.
alexandra reilly - Amen!!! You are a woman after my own heart... I haven't been in this industry professionally as long as you have BUT with children, sometimes the good Lord makes you slow down!! Praying for your strength as I know productivity addiction oh too well!!!
Jordan Demos - Love this, friend! One of my favorite blog posts of ALL time!
Kari Jeanne - So proud of you friend - for being still enough to really hear where God wants to take you in this season of life & for being brave enough to actually follow through & do it, even if it is scary. Sending you hugs today xoxo
April Goldian - I too felt the way you do after working for a major retailer as a Store Manager. I had been with the company since college and 14 years later I was known for productivity improvements, problem solving etc, I was given the tough stores because I was the only one that could handle it...I started to stop and wonder where my early 30s went and what did I have to show for slaving away for a company that I had made my first priority in life…even over my husband sometimes. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure how to make a change and didn't until things came to a head while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan and I couldn't keep juggling all the balls. It started to impact my health both physically and mentally so I took a short leave of absence, caught my breath and realized I had to quit and I did immediately…unfortunately for them it was 20 days before Christmas. Probably not the right way to do it but I realized somewhere along the line I had forgotten to take care of myself and treat myself with the respect I deserved. I've been gone from there for a year and a half and have had ups and downs employment-wise but I wouldn't change it. I feel like I am living again. I hope you get the chance to slow down and enjoy what you do! It makes all the difference in the world.
Jenny - Change is always scary... I do agree though that your body can only take so much of go-go-go. If God is calling you to slow down, believe me, he'll make it happen! Your service and quality will never be sacrificed if YOU'RE rested, enjoying life (not just work life), and still being the rockstar business woman you are! Boundaries are crazy essential in business... I actually need to re-set some for myself too! Thanks for the reminder :)