R. J. Kern - Melissa, great work as always. You set such a high standard and meet it on each shoot. Kudos on the fine work! I had one question about your slideshows: I know you've used ShowIT for some years and would be very curious as what you decided to go with now (I've struggled with them being non-flash based even though I use the software 6 years now!). Thanks for your reply!
Marilyn - Great pictures and such a fun wedding!
Sue L - Congratulations Scott and Kelli, eveything about your wedding day was beautiful
Marty S - Looks like a grand day Congratulations
Lee B - Thanks for sharing your special day. Congratulations to bride and groom.
Patrick W - Beautiful wedding pics
Misy D - Looks like it was a day to remember
Anita B - Your wedding was spectacular in every way! Love Anita
Saundra E - Congratulations to Scott and Kelli, everything looks so beautiful.
Royce - Sorry I was able to be there for your special day Scott,. Kelli and you look so happy, beautiful photos
Judy W - Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, it looks like the day was perfect
Grandfather - I am proud of you Scott and Kelli your beautiful bride
Debbie T - they are just beautiful pictures! Colors were just so pretty! So happy we could be there to share in the moments! Love, Debbie
Donna - congratulations and they look absolutely wonderful together. Now is time to wait on the grand babies
Jen S - Beautiful.
Gwen - Absolutely beautiful, very tasteful and elegant. The bride's dress is gorgeous. I can see definitely see you in your son.
Ankush - Wonderful pics! Congrats to the bride and groom
Tommy Hellwig - This was the most fun I ever had and I'm glad that Scott has found his true love!
Mary Barber - Never seen a more beautiful bride or been to a more beautiful wedding! Congratulations! Love Aunt Mary
Alex Groneman - What a beautiful wedding and great couple!