Valerie Bolitho - Loved this workshop and the couple was super cute. I'm glad I was able to make so many great connections during the MJ2Day workshop. Lots of great info!
David Hardy - Wow Mj, your pics have the X-factor. It's your influence that has made me go out and get a 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 and 70-200mm 2.8 II. I am now :)
Anna Padilla - Love these photos! This was such an amazing experience to be a part of! I love seeing the images go through the process of the photo shoot in real life and to the final product!
tim poole - I am doing an engagement session next Saturday so I found it very fortuitous to have this demonstration. Thanks, MJ, for a eventful, educational and potentially game changing workshop.
Kari Jeanne - So much to love about this post!!! Amazing photos of A & J!!!! Love the car, Amy's pretty hair, your new shooting bag, but I SUPER love the last set of photos in the street!! Also - is Amy wearing your shoes???
Janelle Zeller - No they can't possibly be any cuter!!! Images turned out so amazing!! Love the last set with her looking at him! I have a feeling she gives him that look often ;) Thanks for an AMAZING workshop MJ!! Truly so much awesome info...I agree with Amy, you are the grand wizard!!!
Amy Demos - You are AMAZING!! We love these photos so much! Your are truly the grand wizard. Thank you for giving us something we will always treasure! Love you!!