Lois - Love this, so true! It is so important to feel a connection to your photographer.
Andria Edlund - I love how you mention feeling something when you look at the photos. I think that the feel of your wedding day can be heavily influenced by your photographer and making sure the feel of the day flows is so important!
Kensey - I love this! It's one thing to give a list of things to check off a photographer, but these have substance and really do make a difference. The proofs are especially important, IMO. Great post!
Anna Brace - Yes yes yes!! These are so good! I especially love how you talked about connecting with each other, as well as seeing an entire gallery from a wedding day! Such good tips!
Levi Arsmtrong - I like that you said that I should make sure the wedding photographer I hire is someone I like since they would be around my family and me during a significant day of my life. My fiance and I plan to get married next summer on a beach resort. I'll follow your advice and choose a wedding photographer I'm comfortable with. Thanks!
Fotograf Nunta Bucuresti - Excellent article & a good read. Thanks for sharing!
Anup - The points you mentioned to hire a photographer are really helpful. I feel there's few more things that may help hire the right photographer. 1) photography style. 2) you can look for review from recent bride/groom. 3) ask about your photos rights. 4) compare shooting packages. Nice article Melissa.
Fotoziemka fotograf - Yeah, that stuff you wrote is absolutely crucial, it's the most important thing. Choose your photograper wisely. There probably won't be a second chance.
Parkes - Great advice!
Catherine Dumontet - I completely agree with this ! It's also true that we can't be a good fit for everyone, it's important to meet face to face :-)
Jordan McBride - Number 2 is a great one that I hadn't previously thought of! I'm creating a "Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors" resource and I hope you don't mind if I borrow this one! :)
Melissa Jill - Absolutely Jordan! Go for it!