norah smith - What a happy looking couple, you can feel their excitement through these photos!
Dan - Amazing job Rachel! You captured so much emotion in these images. Rock On!
Rachel - Thank you so much for the kind words everyone! This was such a fabulous couple to photograph. Casey- my primary body is a Canon 5D MKII and I shoot with various lenses throughout the day- 50 1.2, 35 1.4, 70-200 2.8IS and sometimes 24-70 2.8.
liz houser - WOW!!! Everything about these pix are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!... the bride, the cute groom, the dress, the creativity. Great job Rachel! love it!
casey - What lenses were used and body for this wedding?
Thiago - Wow, I kind of wish you did wedding photography in Cincinnati now, just phenomenal work! Keep it up, because that's amazing work.
Lesley Otto - I follow this blog daily, and I love, love, love Melissa Jill Photography. The emotion on the groom's face when he saw his beautiful bride, is priceless.
Dennis Bullock - Absolutely love the muted tones you guys have going on here. Amazing!
Monique - Love
Britney Patterson - Rachel is fantastic! The "First Look" is beautiful. I feel like all my comments on your blog are the same- the images are amazing. There are no other words. Such an inspiration to watch.
Kristy Berends Wedding Photography - This is such a great set! The images are crisp, but I especially love the emotion that is captured here. I am big fan of your blog!!