Michelle - I'm a bigger fan of Lindsey, but I agree and don't think that either girl is 100% right for him. However, I was a big fan of Des and wish he hadn't sent her home.
Laura - I think Lindsay is best suited for him. She's ready to start a family and she's a lot of fun. I think they look good together :-) Have fun in Vegas!
Birdie - Neither girl. I'm with you, though, if he must make a mistake. Is that mean? Sorry. Wish I was going to WPPI this year, but wedding bookings won out. Have a great conference!
Kari Jeanne - Love this outfit - those shoes! They look so great with skinny jeans!! I hope they made it onto your packing list for Vegas :) Glad you were there to save Dixie's life - poor pup!
nancy - cute blouse, love their site.