Michelle Koechle - Always a good excuse to buy more clothes?! :)
Seth - I really appreciate getting to catch a glimpse of the lovely woman behind the camera. It's what makes your blog even more engaging than your gorgeous photos and learned advice. You are what makes your business and guess what? You're cool! I say keep your FFs coming!
Alicia - I so love that scarf! : )!!
denise karis - HA! I was wondering when you'd run out of clothes.....start borrowing your friends. ;) I think you did it before or maybe it was someone else but maybe choose a weekly image to feature and write a small paragraph about what settings you used / the thought behind it? I love these posts for sure!
Charrie - I think you sticking with FF for 52 weeks is to be commended! That's a big commitment. I would personally like to see something different--maybe Freebie Friday where you give away photo-related items from sponsors with a link to their page, how the item works, etc. Or maybe do something on the first Monday of the month and call it Monthly Monday and sharing marketing tips. Just some ideas. :)
MelissaF - I really like your Frivolous Friday posts. I can see your point of view, though, that you're tired of taking pics of yourself, but personally, I love to see your outfits! I'm all for keeping this series just the way it is!! Happy New Year!
Paul - As is would be my vote!
Kristy - Please keep your Friday posts. I look forward to seeing them every Friday and make a point to check in to your blog on Fridays to see what's new!
Jillian - Keep the post this year! gives the blog new, personal, fun, and easy to read material.
Candice - I like these posts!! I like the personal details. Keep em.
jenn - congrats on the vol 52! please dont stop! i realized how selfish of me saying that but have no idea to propose for the new series! :D i truly enjoy welcoming my weekends with your frivolous friday post to start with!
Kari Jeanne - Love these posts! My favourite part is hearing about your week - totally understand about wanting to switch it up though but I'm definitely not tired of seeing your cute outfits!
angel - I think a fun Friday post is great and I would probably also be ready to change it up after a year... I don't instagram but if I did I would consider a weekly instagram highlights with similar sections like you usually include just with coordinating creative pics.
samantha - Love the Frivolous Friday posts! You give me outfit inspirations and remind me to be grateful and forgiving of all my own "Yes, I did this" And, of course, the photos are great.
Myrian Peery - You look fabulous my friend! And I looove your hair color! Super fresh!
Jen - I love it -- it always surprises me how quickly Friday rolls around! Plus, I'm in a "week-counting" mode right now and I'm not sure how I'll get to the end of my pregnancy without at least 9 more Frivolous Fridays!! :)
Amy - Love pictures of you, don't care about the clothes. I would like to see Dixie more. :)
Cheryl Ford - I LOVE Frivilous Fridays! But totally understand about running out of clothes. I would never have had enough outfits to complete a whole year. Maybe the next year should be weekly photos of Dixie instead? Not that I'm tired of seeing you. Or a project 52? Keep it coming though.
becca h - I love Frivolous Fridays! I get great wardrobe ideas from you and I feel like I "know" you so much more than I would without these posts. You've got a great wardrobe :)
Christina - I love the frivolous friday posts and look forward to them. You could wear the same outfit and I wouldn't notice because I'm also looking at the composition of the picture, lighting and background and trying to learn from that. I did the same thing 2 years ago with "wireless". I wasn't willing to buy the $50 device to connect to make it talk to my wireless. Since I bought it from Costco I returned it and got the one with the wireless actually inside the unit and I think it was cheaper too.
Elizabeth - I love your Friday posts, for two reasons: love to see your outfits and when I open your page and your favorite outfit blog pops up I know it's almost time for the weekend...TGIF -- Love your blog posts -- have a great weekend!