Karen - We should form a club of women in their 30s who are sans cavities. :) I made them take my pic and put it on their 'cavity free wall' .... my husband thinks I'm nutty, but shouldn't those 7-year-olds want to STILL be on that wall in 25 years? I think so!
Seth Willey - About your last three posts: Happy birthday! You are a beautiful woman inside and out! With no cavities, you should show some teeth! :-D Oh yeah, my parents forgot my 30th b-day one time, too. They got an earful. The autism walk showed how much love there is for your nephew and others like him within your sphere of influence - thanks for sharing about these stories. What an incredible opportunity to see Angola, a place coming back from such a disastrous civil war. What I would give to stumble upon an elephant or giraffe! Enjoy the start of the fall and your scarves!
Anna - Melissa, You're really Best Wedding Photographer in Phoenix!
jessica - Love the outfit and colors as usual: ) Happy Birthday!!!
Bethy - Yay, you got the cheesy mug! Not sure how the dinosaur ended up in there, but that's ok.
Danielle Panettiere - Love this look.... The pictures are beautiful.. I feel like you should be in a magazine with that look... cute!!!
Denise Karis - Happy Birthday! I love this weeks outfit! loooooove