Jaclyn - Ah this is so helpful. I find it's so much easier to get ahead of this at the beginning of planning the timeline with your clients. This way everyone is clear on expectations and how the day will go. Ex: if you don't want to do a first look, than portraits may feel a bit rushed/stressed post-ceremony. Thank you for sharing!
bryan - portraits before ceremony! yes!
Jason Tench - Great post!
Aruba Photographer - Thank you for sharing this. I agree that it's best to have a wedding planner to coordinate everything. But often the wedding planner will have other things to do and would like to leave the coordination for photography in the hands of the photographer. It's something every wedding photographer should be prepared for and willing to do!
Anna - Hi Melissa, Actually I meant we have clients where the groom does not want to see the bride in her dress until she actually walks down the aisle. So I would like to know how so can we follow the timeline with this occuring? Thanks !
Melissa Jill - Thanks for the clarification, Anna. If you click on the link in the post about why I suggest that my clients see each other before the ceremony there is an explanation of the variation in the portrait schedule if they choose not to see each other beforehand.
Mark - Wow, interesting to see how different US weddings are to Irish ones!
Anna - Most guests are the types that do not want to see the bride before anything. They want to wait for the ceremony. Any suggestions on that?
Melissa Jill - Hi Anna! Even when the couple sees each other before the wedding, we make sure the portraits are completely done a half hour before the ceremony so they can hide out and refresh while the guests arrive. So the only people they are seeing before the ceremony are the bridal party and family.