Ali - I'm not surprised by how we are outnumbered by women here. I've introduced this blog to many girls/women and they have all "loved" every bit of it.
Shawna Morath - This is awesome! So cool to read the results! and congrats to the winner :)
Amy Yellis - If you launched a branding co. with Sarah supervising the designs, it would insanely successful. I have no doubt. :)
Melissa Jill - @Sean -- Or…just one of the few who was generous enough to take the time to fill out the survey. :) Thanks!!
Sean ODonnell - I love all the info and inspiration I find here, but Sometimes I wondered If I was the only male that visits, according to the survey, I guess I am one of very few.
Jon Hainstock Photography - Nuts! I wish I would have seen this survey/competition before. For some reason I missed it in Google Reader. I will enter next time. Thanks for sharing the info Melissa! - Great survey, I have never saw such post on survey. The post really helps one who thinks to start business.