Pati Pakulis - You are TOO cute my friend! XO
Tira J - Happy Birthday and Mom's Day to your Mama! My Mom's Birthday is on the 4th, so we go through the same exact thing. We had a bird fly into our window this morning too. Something in the air I guess! You are adorable MJ! Have a great weekend!
Lindsay - Bachelorette - I canNOT believe the MS guy carried with him an egg!!!! so embarrasing.
Poly - You are such an inspiration! Love the outfit too. Did you see the part where a guy on the Bachelorette calls her daughter "baggage?" She's going to flip out! With class though :-)
Lisa - The bird thing must be a seasonal issue. This happens at my house too. For about 10 days we'll get a bunch of bird strikes. I think it must be a lighting issue, which is ironic, when you think about it, for a photographer. :)