Fotograf Nunta - Gret review over the super Canon 600 ex-rt! the best canon flash we can find! Thank you for this great review!
Kylie - I'm sure you won't see this but I'm hoping you can answer a quick question for me. I want to purchase speed lights (I've been renting the 600ex-rt and a 5dmk iii) but I don't have money to purchase the mark iii just yet. Does shooting with the 600 ex-rt on a mk ii just completely inhibit your photos? I love the photos you took and you said those were on the mk ii. Would you recommend buying pocket wizards to be able to have one flash in ETTL and one in Manual or is it manageable to have them both in the same mode until I can purchase the mk iii at the end of the year? And when you shot with them and the mk ii did you have them both in manual or both on ETTL? Thanks so much for ANY response or help!!!
Mark Martinez - Great review Melissa! These new flashes are going to make life a lot easier for Canon photographers.
Tyler Corvin - Thanks so much for the review! Now they're discounted a bit, I'm thinking about updating my setup! These seem perfect!
Jonathon Fowler - Hi, nice review. I use the same setup, I own three of the Ex600RTs and I love them. ETTL drains batteries quicker due to firing a pre-flash. I use with the 5DMK3 which has awesome high ISO capabilities, this in turn means I can use lower power settings on the speedlites, meaning faster recycles and batteries lasting longer!
Melissa Jill - Hi Tara - The only thing I can think is that you need new batteries. Do you use rechargeables? You need to update those once a year if so. Other than that, I'm not sure what to tell you. They fire every single time for me.
Tara Peddicord - So, I know that I am way late to chime in here... but I thought I would give it a shot :) I just started using these in my OCF set-up and I notice one of your rave reviews is that it fires every single time. I am having trouble with that though, I can't figure it out- but it seems that too often it is not firing for me. And not just with rapid fire- sometimes it seems it takes a few seconds to "warm up" and fire again. Any thoughts? :)
Melissa Jill - Hi Alex - I use rechargeable AA NIMH batteries from here:
Alex - Hi! Thank you for an excellent post! I was wondering what kind of batteries you use for your 600EX-RTs (for shooting a wedding).
Nick A - Thanks for the informative post, looking forward to picking a couple up for my wedding business. Thanks again!
Valentina - I love this review!! I was drooling after I read it and finally got the chance to buy them. I am curious about setting them on different settings. I am shooting with a 5dmiii but I still can't figure out how to set the slave on manual. I tried looking through the manual and still couldn't figure it out. Have you been able to? That would be so helpful! Thank you so much!
Bartlett Pair Photography - Waiting for these to arrive in the mail! What kind of battery packs does everyone use for off camera flash? I work with my husband and we'd both be using the same off camera flashes, so probably 1500 flash pops during a reception! Anyone see any concerns other than over heating?
Robert Godridge - I love all your gear reviews, keep them coming!!!
Cameron Clark - My Nikon flashes work like this (fire every time, always work, no fiddling). My Canon ones were lacking in the "always" department... glad to see they fixed it. Does it have PC cord capability?
Katelyn James - Oh my gahhhh! I''m ordering them! NOW! I had been waiting to hear a good review and you sold me girlfriend!!!! Yay!! Canon should pay you for this:)
christine williams - This is a wonderfully helpful post, thank you for the review! But now I need to get them so my wallet will suffer :)
Becky - Would you be willing to share your set up for the Mii with these flashes? What is the difference between shooting on the ETTL and manual? Thanks so much!
Lynn Cobb - Thanks Melissa! I've had to Pocket Wizard TTi (?) ib my wish list for a while now. I think I'll just look into these for my Canon 5D. I really appreciate the post... I didn't know this was out there.
Huong Forrest - Did you use the new Canon speed light transmitters also? Great post!
Laura - Thanks MJ! If you want to sell on of the Mk IIs when you MK III comes in, we are looking to add another body.
heather - Thank you soo much for posting this review! Another item for my wish list for sure!!
heather - Great post! I am sooooo frustrated with my pocketwizards that I was screaming (on the inside) at my last wedding. Thanks for a great review!
Karyne - That's interesting that they both had to be on Manual or ETTL. Did you end up keeping them both on manual? Thanks so much for posting this! After our wedding next week, we're putting all of our current flash set-up for sale! I can't wait to buy these!
Lori Calhoun - Awesome!!!! I've been needing to get the whole set up (I usually rent) but this just seems a whole lot easier!!! Thank you!!!
Shawna - I'm so glad these worked out for you! I read all your blog posts about OCF and was looking forward to seeing your setup at the MJ2Day next month. I wasn't looking forward to the idea of buying pocket wizards and all the other attachments for them so I'm very excited to see this easier setup! I might want to buy these after the workshop! Are you bringing them? :)
Lisie - I have the Canon 7 D and used the 600ex RT (off camera) at the wedding I photographed two weekends ago, I was pretty impressed and I was still using my pocket wizards, ( I used the YN 560 on camera in Manual Mode), I also upgraded my batteries for my flashes to the Eneloop, much faster recycling! I don't recall having any misfire issues, and my 2nd photographer was operating a 60D with her YN 560 on camera and a 580 EXii off camera, no misfiring issues with the pocket wizards. I wonder if operating on camera in ETTL mode and the off camera flashes on Manual mode causes transmission issues? again I research and researched to find an answer...I do know batteries can cause an issue and the fact that the 580 ex ii gets pretty hot and stops firing, the new 600 EX RT has a feature on it that displays an icon showing your flash is overheating, a nice feature when shooting a reception that requires a lot of light!
Rustin Michael - Thanks for the short and sweet review! I am getting 2 600ex-RT flashes from Canon CPS next week to test out. I have a wedding during that time and plan on testing them out for several days at home with my 5D3 before taking them on the job. Right now based on your write up and other things I have read I will soon be replacing my 580ex flashes with 3 new 600ex-RT.
Carla - Couldn't love you more for posting about this today. I'm SO over my PWs firing so inconsistently that I'm doing battle with B&H *rightnow* to exchange them for credit towards some 600s. Fingers crossed...
Emilia Jane - Oh this is so helpful! I've been on the fence trying to figure out what flashes to get and I didn't know if these were worth it. Thank you!!