Gail - Ahhh..I have that SAME necklace! (mine's a H&M knock-off ;) ) LOVE these posts!
Ali - check out the lovely necklace! :) I love the color. Turquoise, something I can relate to as an Iranian! lol
Kari Jeanne - Laughing OUT LOUD at the Friends reference - Beep. 'What do you want from me?!?!' hahaha
tiana - i respect you so much for this. you don't need my respect, but you have it anyway. i can't believe you're giving that money away to a charity that i also believe in very strongly and one i support financially. i heard about this on abc's 'be the change: save a life'. you're not just trying to make money in your "off season" you're actually giving it away. those people thank you.
Tira J - That is so awesome you got to see UCO sing! Oh if those tours could talk! My veins are the tiniest in the world and still, to this day, I need for them to use those little newborn needles. There is a trick to giving blood though, drink a ton of water before the appointment and your veins will be flowin'! And, blessed right there with ya my sister in Christ! xoxo
Shawna - I really hope you fill that spot...especially since it goes to such a great cause. I'm still trying!!! and I love the outfit!
:) - yay! i'm still so grateful for our time together. and our friendship, but that was a nice, fabulous surprise. love you, melissa!
Ashley Loving - GREAT necklace!
Jessica - First.... I LOVE that necklace! So pretty!! Second... I cannot wait to read your review about the 600EX-RTs! Thank you so much for continually posting things that help us photographers. I truly appreciate your dedication to share your knowledge and expertise with us all! Happy Friday!
Jessica Lee - Seriously LOVING that necklace!!!