Amanda - That comment about her breath made me LOL Melissa. So funny! And I agree with everyone else. I pegged Dixie the second the photo loaded. She really is a pretty doggy :)
Cindy | C Brown Photo - They are adorable! And I love how different they are, just like siblings.
Danielle Panettiere - So funny that you posted this because I have been thinking the same thing recently. Penny always seems to want to play with all of the other dogs when we take her for a walk. We don't know anyone else that has a King Charles. What a great test run to have another dog in the house with Dixie.
Heather - Before I even got to your words, I could spot Dixie right away. She is seriously so pretty, she almost seems kind of "glam" with those glorious eyelashes and her clean and tidy coat. I didn't want to offend the other pup, however in her defense she looks like she know how to have a good time!
Carri Roman - Just look at their faces!!! It says it all. Lacy looks out of breath just by being, not to mention she looks like she has been rummaging through who knows what...hahah..and Dixie...well she has that slight lean away from Lacy. Yes? LOL Can't wait to meet you. Too bad you can't bring Dixie. :)
Jessica - I love this blog post! I, too, was faced with that decision a few years ago when I debated on getting Pepe a friend. I hated leaving her alone while I had to go to work or out with friends. So I adopted Cullen to give her someone to play with. There are times when I think she probably wishes she was the only dog, but then there are others when I see her playing with him and sometimes snuggling together. Pepe is a loner dog, but Cullen brings out her playful side. After 3 years together, I think they are officially like brother and sister. The good thing with you is that you work from home mostly and can provide her with enough attention. I think that is a bonus and one day hope I can with my doggies! :)
Melissa Jill :) - Ya, fortunately with miniature schnauzers, you don't have to deal with the dog hair issue. But that would definitely drive me nuts!
Brooke - When we brought a second dog into the house, we had hoped things would be peachy. Things are not bad, but our second dog is deaf and large and the smaller, more dominant first dog is not her BFF. :) But if I'm being honest here, the best reason not to have a second dog is the dog hair - it's seriously like I have a pack living in my house and keeping up with vacuuming is insane!