Joanna M Bishop - Wow! Eye opener! I'm going to practice more with BBF. I'm a Nikon user, why does my button need to be so far away lol, especially when using a bracket. Thanks for your instruction!
pankaj shrestha - Can i do this in canon 60D?
Richie - I used bbf with the Mark II and stopped it now. With the Mark III it is possible to program the dof button for toggling Ai One Shot and Servo. Also I found myself still refocusing (even after half a year) because I never trustet bbf.
Annie - Alright! I've been trying to become an expert in BBF, but for some reason, I continue to have blurry photos. I force my husband to walk back and forth on the sidewalk everyday, lol, just so I can practice. Haha. Anyhoo, I cannot figure out why half of my photos are blurry. While he is walking, I focus on him with my center focus point, and I continuously hold down the BBF button. My camera is in AI Servo. As he walks towards me, I snap the photos, and half are usually blurry.. What do you think I'm doing wrong. I know it's user error lol. Also, just had my camera serviced, and it's having no focus issues. =) And I'm using a Canon 5D Mark II. Thank so much for all your wonderful insight =)
kelly wills - r the settings different for the 5d mark iii?
Gail - Had my cameras professional cleaned by Canon and when I couldn't figure out how to get back to back button, I remembered this post! You're the BEST MJ!
Bridgette - Seriously Melissa, you saved me this weekend! My focus wasn't working yesterday. I couldn't get it to grab ANYTHING. I remembered that you posted something about this and exactly how to do it. Here I am, stepping away from bridals to read the post on my phone! I had to change and learn it on the fly but OMG thank you so much. I will add to future readers that some lenses have a curve and recomposing on drastic angle can cause your focus to move. The 50 1.2 from Canon is a specific example. This is a curved glass lens, so re-composing too much will move that focus. Whereas the 85 gives you more flexibility. Thanks again Melissa!!
dariusz - hi melissa. I read it with interest, but find what you wrote in contrary with what other photographers say about re-composing while shooting at very large apertures. often I read and hear to never re-compose.. to always use the right focus points or you'll loose your focus. maybe it doesn't matter when you shooting 50mm at 1.2 from quite far away, but what about 85mm at 1.2 from minimal focus distance? don't think you have the 85 so I guess I have to go out and play a little. I may thank you later :) also.. many pros say that they don't like AI servo because it's inconsistent. they prefer point and shoot on ONE SHOT. anyway.. interesting to hear diferent opinions :) love your photos.
Kurtz A. - Thanks for shedding some light with BBF focus, it took me a whole day to get use to it and i see the focusing difference, works well for moving subject and kinda tricky at first. But i got it! , thanks again
Gavin B - So good it had to be shared on twitter.
moi - Hi Melissa, I'm really struggling with this one. I have the Canon 1000D and shoot on manual. I changed the * button to work as a back button and it works fine on one shot. When I put in on AI servo and hold the BB down while focussing on person walking towards me I only get every 2nd shot in focus. I tried different focus points, 2 different places on the torso, in the middle of the forehead and on the eye. All were pretty much the same every second shot and more in focus as the person got closer to me. I was on ISO 400 and F2.0. What am I doing wrong?
diane - what metering mode do you use?
jessica - I'm going to be using a nikon for the 1st time to 2nd shooting a wedding on sat. Is the AF continuous on nikon the same as AI servo on canon?
Chris Nemes - Thanks a bunch for the tips. I've been shooting weddings for quite a while now, used AI Servo quite a lot on moving subjects, but never quite nailed the bride and groom walking down the isle technique. I always tried to track the focus on the eye, but your suggestion seems to make a lot of sense, as the chest area and the eye will most of the times be in the same focal plane.
marionette - It is working on my Rebel XTi!!!
Melissa Jill :) - Hey Tara! It definitely works in manual -- that's all I shoot! :)
Tara - Love this tip. Does this work in manual or just the other setting such as aperature priority?
Anna Hettick - Yes! I finally figured out how to set back button focusing on my camera and I love it!!! it is amazing!!
Hanneke - thank you so much for this! very clear! :)
Jen - Thank You so very much for this! I appreciate it!
Mark Brend - I will try using this with my Nikon. Thanks for the tips!
Jessica - Thank you Thank you Thank you! This has made a huge difference in my shots already!
Karen - Phew! THanks! I have a loaner Mark II and was having difficult finding the EXACT CF for it.
Kristi P - Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I've read about BBF several times & how much people loved it...but it never made sense to me before. Now it does!!!! Your explanation finally "clicked" with me and I know I will forever grateful!!
Brian - Just watch out when using flash -you'll need to switch to one shot for assist beam to work on your flash.
Nicole Lennox - I JUST learned this feature and I'm so glad to read more in-depth about it on your blog. Thank you sooo much for sharing! 'BBF' has changed my world (and my work).
Suzanne - Great timing on reposting this tip..just got my new Mark II and had to get it all set-up for back button focus!
Brittney Williams - XO!!!!! Thank you for sharing. I just turned my settings to this and LOVE IT. so happy today. I am thankful you take the time to help us out!!
Allison - I stopped everything and looked up how to do it on my camera. Thank you for making me stop!! (GRIN)
melissa page - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! i have been wondering exactly why the benefits of doing this and finding no definite answers online that i really, really understood! this completely makes sense! and thank you for the advice on focal point - i always try to focus on the eyes & end up exactly with what you said... some great shots and some shots with the background in complete focus. :S you rock!!!
Lisa - Melissa, I am pretty sure the 60D and 7D are the same. (I have the same situation as Nancy.) We can not set the *button to AFstart+AE lock. It looks like we are unable to do that combination.
Lisa - do you know what it would be for a Canon 7D? Plus, I love when you do posts that offer great advice! Thank you.
Chassidy Garner - How do you change the settings on the 7d? I've never known that was there! :)
Melissa Jill - Hi Nancy, I don't use the AF-ON button so I don't know what it should be set to, but you have the shutter button right and the * button should be AF start + AE lock. It's hard to know what to tell you without the camera in front of me, but set it to what you think then test it. If the * button adjusts the focus and the shutter button doesn't affect it, you know you're good.
Melissa Jill - Hi Fro--You just have to focus visually and know when you see it. Even before I did back-button, I turned the beep off. It's not good to have beeping when you're a wedding photographer :).
Gretchen Wakeman - The single BEST tip I have ever got- Thanks!! I did it about a year ago after reading it on your Blog- have never switched back.
Lupe Ruiz - thank you so much for this post! It is so helpful!
Charlie - Definitely one of the BEST tips I have learnt from your blog!!! I changed to back button focus roughly a year ago - must admit, did take a little getting used to at first - but I now swear by it!! I struggle to use someone else's camera that does not have it activated ;) Thanx again for this AMAZING tip Melissa :)
Nancy Mitchell - Thanks for sharing MJ! I have a question for you though. I have the Canon 60d...I can follow what is for the Canon 5d Markii but when I get to the C.FN.IV: Operations/others and go to 1, then click set button and then get what order I want the buttons. I have 9 choices. So the shutter button I should want metering start, the AF-ON should be meter & AF start, and the * button should be AE lock? Am I correct? Thanks so much. I can't wait to get this figured out and nail some shots;) xoxo~nance
Athena - I learned this technique from you about a year ago, and am forever grateful! Really has changed my shooting in such a positive way - thank you Melissa!
fro - Hi Melissa!I follow your blog for the last couple of years and I already know how you feel about the back button focus-and I couldn't agree more.I have a question regarding the alservo mode-how do you know that you have the focus?I mean with one shot mode canon makes that noise that confirms the focus, but how you know with Al Servo? thanks a lot!
denise karis - ABSOLUTELY changed my shooting when you first posted so worth the awkward week of your finger learning where to go for focusing - shooting manually and having back button focus gives you so much more control over your images - i love it. so good.
anja - Thank you so much for posting this again! I really have to try this!