Sarah Sandhaus - You make Yuma look good! ;-)
Patricia Vazquez - Quiero felicitarte por tu trabajo es excelente, me emocione mucho al verlas, pues es revivir esos momentos, y quiero decirte que es una gran labor la que tu tienes pues captar cada momento y hacerlo inmemorable no es nada facil, muchas felicidades nuevamente y que tus ojos sigan guardando para todas las personas esos bellos momentos inmemorables.
Brooke Summer Photography - What a beautiful wedding! I love that they got ready at home, how personal. :)
Kim Garcia - It was so great meeting and working with you! These images are gorgeous. I am sure Gabby and James are thrilled. If you come back to Yuma I would love to 2nd shoot with you again.
Daniela DeLaVara - The Pictures are beautiful!!! Gabby and James I want to wish you two a lifetime of Happiness!
Marc Aruba Photography - Nicely done. I klike the natural lighting in the shots.
Jennifer Donatt - Gabby: You looked amazing and what joy and happiness shines through on both your faces! I am very happy for you and wish you God's blessings on your marriage. Keep in touch! The photographer is fanatastic she truly captured the celebration and love!
Paulette - A beautiful story told in pictures forever!
Gabby - Hi Melissa, I just want to say that you did an incredible job the day of our wedding. You and your crew really made my family and I really comfortable. I have watched the slide show a few times and each time I am BLOWN away and brought to tears because I feel as though I am re-living my wedding day. You did an incredible job and my hubby, James, and I are extremely happy with your work. My fav. has to be the picture of James! Incredible job Melissa!
Mary Beth - Breath taking pictures! Really amazing!!
Daniela Vazquez - Hi Melissa, I want to thank you so much as well as let you know you are the most talented photographer I have met. Gabby and James: I want to congratulate you both on your wonderful marriage. Your wedding was beautiful and you both looked stunning. Gabby: Although you will be just around the corner, I will always miss you at home. Growing up I knew there would become a time where we would both have to face reality and start a new life with our significant others. Although it came too fast, I am happy for you. I can be selfish and beg you to come back home to me, but the happiness in your eyes lets me know that James will take care of you and has taken the selfishness away. I will miss our midnight talks, our sleep overs (although your room was next to mine), and I will definitely miss our arguments on who was going to wear what! Just know that I will always be there for you when you need to talk or if you just simply want to argue about our clothes :). I love you sister. Our twin bond and love will always be strong.
Larry Kuzniak - Gabby and James I wish you all the happiness in the world. James, you are a great son and a fine example of someone who worked their way up through hard work and by never quitting. I am very proud of you. Gabby, you are the best a father can hope for in a daughter. James has a beautiful and caring wife. Good luck in your new life. I love you both. Melissa, these pictures are pure art, that's all I can say :)
Ally K. - Wow you looked gorgeous Gabby!! Every picture was perfect. :) hope you have a happy marriage!!!
Desiree - WOW, there is some serious love going on this here comment section!! lol As always Melissa, amazing shots!!
Blanca Vazquez - Melissa I can't thank you enough for the AWESOME job you did for my daughter's wedding. I can't stop looking at how beautiful my Princess looked. James looked very handsome and you can see the love between them in all the pictures. I HOPE JAMES AND GABBY A LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS. Thank you Melissa for these beautiful memories.
Abby - Friend of the mom of the groom here - I am just floored at how gorgeous these photos are! I want to get married again just to have beautiful pics like this, instead of the stiff, posed shots they did back in the early 90s. I'm sure these pictures will be cherished for many years.
Kay - Absolutely beautiful pictures!! I simply cannot say that enough. You could see James & Gabby glowing in each & every one.
Jorge Vazquez - Definitely taking pictures is an Art, and you Melissa, you through that camera lense are capable to make an incredible Art. You are like Michael Angelo, and Van Gogh deliver to this world, pure Art. Thanks for making of Gaby and James your chosen models, and for enjoying ourselves the beauty of our daughter and new son.
James Kuzniak - I am sooo lucky to have such a beautiful wife! Melissa you are awesome at what you do! Thanks for giving us memories that will last a life time! You are the best! I love you Gabby Kuzniak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz - Absolutely love the pix where you're peaking at the bride and groom through the trees! So precious, so beautiful, so classic! Awesome job MJ!
Ansley Braverman - Once again Melissa, gorgeous pictures. The venue stands out in this shoot - it looks like a perfect place for a wedding. Keep them coming!
ChristyB - Beautiful! The outdoor photos are favorites but seeing the genuine smiles on the bride and groom are priceless.
Leslie - WoW! I love these pictures! Melissa you did an awesome job for Gabby and Jame's wedding.
Carrie - These are BREATHTAKING!!! I need a picture redo, 15 years later. :) Beautiful pictures. Congrats to the happy couple!!
Jennifer lopez - I love every single picture you two look amazing together Im sooooo happy for you both!
Jane - Oh my goodness, those are incredible pictures! I love the varying depth and the crystal clarity. What a gorgeous couple!
Tara - Incredible pictures of a truly beautiful couple! I don't think I've seen a happier looking pair.
Danielle Panettiere - These Photos are GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to the happy couple :)
Christina - Beautiful pictures!!! I love the outdoors ones, with the leaves in the foreground. And I'm impressed with the clarity in the ones from inside the church. And I can't get over James' smile. And Gabby looks like a dream in every single shot!
Heidi - I am simply BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful pics of Gabby and James! Thank you so much!!