Brooke Summer Photography - It's great to see it all together!
Casey Figlewicz - Rad Melissa!!
Gail - YEAH for you friend! You continue to inspire with how you've built your business and run it so well. AND I just bought your blog collage templates because I'm all about finding easy ways to share images and love the variety of yours! :) Hugs to you!
Vanessa - Thank you so much for sharing! Your blog has been such an inspiration for me while I've been starting up my business! Not only do you take amazing photos but your passion for photography and your willingness to help other photographers is great! I truly appreciate every blog post you have on here! Oh and I just recently purchased a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens and LOVE it! Thanks for that recommendation as well! :)
Christy - Sweet, I was on here earlier today and thought it looked different from my last visit. Oddly enough I was looking for your 101 in 1001 list because I was thinking about starting one.
Belinda Olsen - Looks awesome! Thanks for being willing to share so openly.