Valentina - October babies are the best!! Happy super belated birthday!
Gail - Happy happy HAPPY belated birthday wishes MJ! :)
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Happy Bday!!!! I lust after that beverage dispenser, too!!!!
Brittani - Awww such fun birthday festivities! You deserve it! And I laughed out loud SO HARD at the armless pictures. Hilarious haha! PS. Those cupcakes make my mouth water! They look so yummy!
rich - yay to october birthdays! happy belated birthday!!!
shaleena - Happy Birthday to U!!!
Stephanie - Happy bithday, Melissa!!! All the best!!! You're wonderful!!!
Karen Shinkins - Happy Birthday to you : )
Angie Whitaker - Hi Melissa, My friend just introduced me to your site and I am speechless. WOW!... and thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many people. I am just getting in to weddings and was really needing some direction on flash as I know nothing about it. I am EATING UP your flash series. Please tell me, as I did not understand this part in your series, why would I need 2 pocket wizards and not just one? This is assuming I have 2 speedlights, one attached to my camera and one on the light stand. Also, did you address the difference between a cold shoe and a hot shoe? One last question...are Lumedyne HV Tinycycler Battery Packs necessary or just a little better than using normal batteries? Thanks so much!
Katina - I hope you had an awesome Birthday Melissa! I laughed so hard at your armless joke;)
jamie delaine - you look beautiful, as ever. ;)
Tina - Happy birthday MJ, hope it was a great one!!
Sindy - Happy Birthday :))
Catie Ronquillo - Happy Birthday Melissa! May you have a wonderful 29+6th year! :)
Rachel - Happy Birthday Melissa! I LOVE your new bowls (and haircut? Is that new too?). But I want to warn you about the CB bev. dispenser. Take it back asap. It doesn't stand up to the test of time & many hands twisting the spout thingy. Mine leaks all over the place and is useless! There are so many other good ones that I've seen at parties. Just FYI. :)
Jared Platt - Happy Birthday Melissa!