Johannes - Great read! Thanks.
Amanda - Thanks for the great post! I love wide angle and was thinking about the 35 but my mind is changed!
Julie Hanna - THANK YOU!!! This was just what I needed, as I am deciding between those two exact lenses. I really wanted to find some photo examples, and yours are wonderful and show me exactly what I needed. The 24 it is!
Steve Fuller - Great write up and images! It's a great lens
Kurtz A. - Just wanted to know if this review was for the Mark 1 or Mark 2 Version of this lens, seems like all links are pointed to canon 24mm 1.4 Mark 2. All the samples looks great, but i have read a lot of the comparison if both version. thanks seems like the Mark 2 is way to go.
Harrisburg Wedding Photographer - These are fantastic photos. Bokehlicious! I purchased a used one from Really good price and it takes excellent photos with contrast and saturation that doesn't need post processing, imho. Occasionally, I'll fix the distortion in lightroom. I'm excited to use it more in my weddings this season.
jessica - WOW!! Great info on the lenses you use! Thanks for sharing: )
Annika - I really love your photos and your blog! Did you ever shot with a 35mm 1.4 L? If you did, it would be great if you could say something about it in comparison to the 24mm 1.4 L (especially when used for wedding photography). Greets from Germany :) Annika
Brooke Summer Photography - I shoot so often with my 50mm and am on a crop censor... so when I had the 24-70 I LOVED having the wider lens! This one looks like a beautiful lens!
Bryan Myhr - Beautiful. I love that lens too, nice back lighting. Inspiring work, thanks!
Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist - I can see why you love that lens Melissa ... awesome images. I'm in love with the toilet paper rolls. I owned a 24mm f2 prime when I owned my first real SLR,an Olympus OM-1. That was a sweet lens, too.
Jaime Huffman - I ADORE your blog. I just started shooting and bought a Canon 5D Mark II. Your reviews, examples, and photos have been such an inspiration and huge help. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Beth - Thank you so much for the helpful posts! I love all that you do that shows "behind the scenes". It totally helps me learn and grow as a photographer!
digital ink - You've done really awesome job! thanks a lot for sharing this nice post & I'll visit your site again.
Lindsay Vallas - Thanks Melissa! Very helpful. Are you using a tripod for the blue sky pics? I look forward to seeing your answers to the other's questions as well. :) You are great inspiration.
Karen - I am so in love with your lens posts, they are SOOO helpful!! Thank you! Just out of do you like this compared with the 35mm? If you could only choose one, would the 24mm be your first choice? (I'm assuming yes, since you blogged it first). :)
Tracy Woodger-Broz - Love the t.p. shot. :)
Kari Jeanne - Thanks for sharing! I was thinking my next lens would be either the 16-35mm or the 24mm - loved hearing your opinion!!
Joshua Ayres - Thanks for the info. Does it focus fast an accurate? I have the 28mm 1.8 and love it for the same reasons. I also find that it focuses really fast in the dark. I want to upgrade because I want better image quality and a better build. I had the 50mm 1.4 and upgraded to the 50mm 1.2 and was a little disappointed because the 1.2 focused a lot slower which can hurt you if need it to be fast.
Rachel Tatem - What made you go with the 24mm instead of the 20mm?
Eileen - Melissa - long overdue thanks for all you share. I'm just a hobbyist but have learned much at your site. Just curious, do you use 1 body and swap out lenses during a reception, or work with 2 bodies with different lenses mounted. Thanks again!
rich - this lens is now definitely in my wish list - thank you for sharing!
Christine - Thank you SOOOO much for this info- so thorough and helpful. I have been frustrated with my 16-35mm 2.8 and I think I'm going to sell it and get the 24mm 1.4. I agree that extra stop and a half could make a huge difference and having the lens be fixed is ideal for those dancing shots. I really appreciate your perspective and thanks for sharing!