Jenna@ - I love looking at all of your photographs. You have a gift for capturing candid moments with these families. You are an inspiring photographer.
Suzanne Searle - I love these, Melissa! So sweet. Love that you were able to get the kitties in there too. :)
Brooke Summer Photography - There is nothing like a toothless grin from a little one. :)
Kendyl - Love these! I also LOVE that they have HUGE pictures on the walls. Amazing.
:) camille - oh melissa, how have i not commented on this already? LOVE LOVE LOVE. so precious. those last 2. wow.
Pam Rauber - Great pics Melissa. Happy parents make for a happy baby which makes photographing a family so much fun. As soon as Arn starts crawling and teething...all those books and magazines under the coffee table will be up and out of site. We're just experiencing this with our eight month old granddaughter.
Jenny Bishop - LOVE these photos, Melissa! Makes me want photos just like them with Bree! Amazing job!! And that last one on the right...ADORE IT!!! So perfect!!
Dennis Bullock - These are all so fantastic Melissa!
Jessica Ulrich - That smile is to die for! Love these :)
Amanda - It's always so fun to see Kindra and Michael on your blog. These are so sweet, and I just love the one of Arn in his Bjorn! Great job!
kindra hall - These photos make me want more children JUST so you can take pictures of them. I can't thank you enough for capturing me and my boys so perfectly.
Gail - AHHHHHHH....KINDRA!!! You kill me with your cuteness (and I love a girl who loves her curls AND who rocks a blue gingham shirt that I also happen to own--and that is my favorite). Now, let's talk about the cuteness that is your BOY!!!!! Oh my gosh, I love every shot here! He is a doll and that smile! It's too much! MJ, you did a wonderful job with these! I'm biased but this family is my favorite of yours :)
Danielle Panettiere - Melissa- these are amazing photos!!! Such an attractive family :) I love all the personality the little one has.. SO CUTE!! I love all of these Photos..
Claire B - Love these shots Melissa - so genuine and happy - my favorite kind of session.
Susan Evans - These are SO good...and he is SO cute...and they look SO happy!
Ashley Bruschi - You can almost hear the baby giggling in these pictures!! What a happy family and such a beautiful shoot! I love your work!
Nancy - OMG Melissa, you have outdone yourself again. I know I'm bias, but the are FANTASTIC.
rich - super cute baby! your portraits are always so natural and beautiful!
Sindy - Ohhh my gosh. Cuteness overload!!! His laugh is just precious and that last image is beyond beautiful! You're amazing :)
Rachel Tatem - Such a happy baby! Love those last two.
Tina - Ohmygosh Melissa I love these! What a super cute family, that little guy is SO SMILEY! Absolutely adore this shoot, good work!