deney - eyelashes for days!!!
JendaLynne Photography - Hehe Dixie is a doll with those lashes:)
Leanne Brischetto - Haha! That just made my night! Dixie girl is adorable ... my fur babes just had their monthly trim this week too. Love it when they come home like that :D (P.S I would have done the same thing!)
Mom - Now that you have the beard down pat I'll have to "help you learn a little more" next time. Before you know it, you'll be doing it all yourself! Ha! Ha! I love grooming her. You really did do a great job on that beard....
Diana Carver - She's adorable! Even with her uneven hair. lol
Bruce Clarke - Ha ha. In B&W it looks like Dixie has a mustache. She's ready for Movember.
Jenna - Dixie is SOOOO adorable!!! Love it. :-)