Moritz - HI MELISSA, thanks so much for sharing your experience with this lens. I'm also thinking of buying it and your review has made my decision to go and get one a lot easier! :-)
Ben Sellars - You do such a beautiful job of capturing emotion in your images. I could feel it in every one and thank you for sharing them.
Holly - I'm shooting my first wedding this year! Im a newborn photographer with just a 50mm prime which il be using along with the 70-200 but will rent it first ! You've completely sold it to me!
Kevyn B. - Have you upgraded to the II version? If so was it worth it?
Melissa Jill - Hi Kevyn -- Yes, I have. Here is a blog post with my thoughts:
Denise Karis - Hey Melissa! I was wondering what filter you use with this lens? I'm looking online and I see a few different options. So I hopped over to your blog to do some research :P xoxo
Dawn - You have helped me so much. I really appreciate your insight and wisdom. Shooting from faraway is one of the issues I've been trying to resolve.
christy - I follow a lot of blogs, and this is the first time I have ever left a comment on one. I stumbled upon your blog prob 6-8 months ago, and just want to say thank you. I'm sure you hear it all the time, but thank you for being so generous and sharing your knowledge. You are a true inspiration! :)
Candice - After purchasing my 50mm I have put my 70-200 aside. This post inspires me to bring it back out again. I love your thoughts on allowing people to have their moments without being too close. Thanks for the inspiration!
Rachel Tatem - I know! This is the next on my list!
Katie Derus - Amen sista! Couldn't live without it... though my tired arms and back sometimes wish I did ;)
Amanda - I love this series. This is one of my favorite lenses for all the reasons that you gave! The portraits it produces are amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next :)
Sarah - Oh Melissa! You've just reminded me how much I really, REALLY want this lens! And it costs more here in Oz. Looking forward to seeing what you have next in this series. Many thanks.
Jim Blanco - Thanks for sharing Melissa, very useful info, ...and I love the examples :) Definitely, this kind of lens is a must, also what you say about the IS feature is completely true it makes a big difference. Thanks again.
Lisa - I am getting mine tomorrow!!! I am so excited. Sorry, just had to share.
Tiffany - I'm a portrait photographer doing my first wedding in a few weeks! (It's for a friend who couldn't afford to hire a wedding photographer, so they were willing to take a chance on me! Eeek!) And while I cannot afford to purchase this lens today, my eye is definitely on it! I've used it before and love it!
Charrie - Do you always use this lens hand held, even in low-light situations? No mono or tripod? The IS is that good?
brett - Hey Melissa! Great post. This lens is definitely on the horizon for a future purchase for me. Quick question - what is the second filter your using on this lens? i see the UV filter but it looks like you have something else on their too?
rich - thanks for the tips on this lens! only if it didn't cost so much!
Tira J - I LOVE this lens. I'm saving up for the newer version right now. When I did weddings, I always felt like a spy on a covert operation. I now use it with little ones outdoors. The images this lens produces are breathtaking, and I shoot at 2.8 90% of the time.
Valentina - By far, my favorite lens for weddings!! I can't imagine shooting a wedding without it! Love it!