Melissa - Would love to see you up here in Vancouver, Canada!! :)
Karey Michelle - Oooohhh!!! Pick me pick me!! I just sent Sara an email, San Clemente sounds fun right?? ;) Miss you friend!
Erin Duggin - If you ever have an itch to do one in St. Louis I would love to host! I have a great set up for it and perfect neighborhood for practice shoots!
miranda - you have one if you want to come to Michigan in the Metro Detroit area! :]
Yen - I so so so want to go to Phoenix in January... darn finances! :P But just to let you know, if I could, I would!
chesley - don't you want to come to Nashville??!!
Desiree - Hey, I'm 40 minutes from the Calgary airport..hint hint :0)
Tira J - Ahhh!!!! I would love to host one for you in CA, but I don't know what our situation will be like next summer. Boo. Let me know if you don't find anyone.
Rachel Tatem - Too bad, I don't live close to any of those and my house doesn't really allow for hosting only around 1200 sq feet... sad face. I hope it goes well!
Emma Russell - Melissa, I'm just waiting for you to ask for hosts in England, then I'm your girl! :) x
Connormcc - How about a workshop in the UK or Northern Ireland?