Yesterday I shared some photos from my workshop earlier this week in Boulder. What a beautiful location!! I took the group out to do a mock engagement shoot on Monday night in the surrounding country. I had a plan to show the attendees some of the lighting situations I love to shoot in. But alas, pretty much like it did every evening, a super-thick blue cloud cover descended over the sun. So much so that our light source ended up being the other end of the sky (the East) because there was no cloud cover there and it acted as a reflector of sorts. Very weird. Even though I wasn't able to demonstrate how to shoot in a variety of lighting situations, I was able to show attendees how to shoot in that specific challenging situation.

Our two models were Tina & Cody who have been married for a few years. I hadn't met them before the shoot but they were AMAZING! They were so cute together and total troopers in front of 16 cameras. We had to hike across a field to get to this location but it was well worth it!
The dark blue clouds made for a gorgeous backdrop and contrast to the golden brown hay. If you can believe it, the sun is behind those clouds. But the light was coming from behind me as it reflected off the clear part of the sky in the East.
Sara captured a few shots of us in action:
Love these:
We headed down the road to another location that was equally amazing. Again - loving the deep blue clouds.
Here I am shooting the above images:
These are two of my faves:
Usually it is tough to get blue skies like this in photos. But not that day! The only challenge was that the images turned out super-blue and cold in temperature. I had to pump up the temperature while color correcting more than I ever have. But the end result was amazing!
Shooting the above photo:
After shooting that last photo, we passed Tina and Cody and hiked over the top of the hill then shot them from the other side to get this:
More cuteness:
One last favorite:
When you go out for a shoot you never know what kind of light you're going to have to work with! The key is to make the most of the situation you're given and as Tim Gunn would say, "MAKE IT WORK!" hehe :).

Day two was spent digging into business-related topics that are in many ways MORE vital to running a successful photo business these days than is mastering photography. We talked about the state of the market, workflow, album design & sales, blogging & social media, website & branding, pricing, vendor relations & networking, initial client meetings and getting published. I was able to spend 15 minutes one-on-one with each attendee to answer all their questions and clarify with them what their next steps are. It is SO exciting to be a part of other photographers' journeys and I can't wait to see where they go from here!

The attendees also received some fun surprises at the workshop and absolutely loved them! We couldn't have done that without our sponsors! A very special thanks to: Pictage, Jared Platt Workshops, Queensberry and Two Bright Lights. Thank you so much for your support!

Photographers - if you're interested in attending an upcoming workshop, click here to go to the workshop website for all the details!
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