I have amazing clients. I'm really blessed. And I know I'm not supposed to play favorites. That's just not cool. But Jessica and Dave, besides being gorgeous, easy to work with, in love with photography and just plain fun, set a new first for me and I'm just going to say it. They're some of my faves.

These two were married two months ago and they went to St. Lucia for their honeymoon. I told Jessica that I'd be sending her a plethora of emails throughout the week as we blogged, completed her album design and got all of her proofs online. I also told her she could just ignore them until she got home. But she practically emailed me every day....from St. Lucia. She was so excited about anything related to her wedding photos.

I knew she would want to include a lot of images in her album. We always design the album larger than what the client originally orders to show them what they COULD have (see more about our album design process here) so we went crazy and included 36 spreads in the initial design. When Jessica got home from her honeymoon, she emailed to say how much they loved the design and also to ask me if they could ADD MORE PAGES to it!

I was stunned. I've never had a client ask for a larger album design before. But I was thrilled! A couple's wedding album is their first family heirloom and the most important product I want every client to have. The more hefty it is, the better!

We just shipped off Dave and Jessica's albums to them and I took a few photos of them before we sent them off:
(The additional books in the bottom two photos are 8x12 duplicate parent albums.)

I also weighed the album just out of curiosity. A metal cover and 68 pages came to a whopping 8.5 pounds! That thing can double as a dumbbell! Thanks to Jessica and Dave for providing me with a first!

If you're interested in more information about the albums we offer or the album design/ordering process, I just recently updated that info here.

Oh! And Jessica owns an online stationery boutique called MJ Paperie and she recently did a blog post on picking a photographer. She interviewed me and also shared some of her insight on the experience. Check out the post here!
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