I have a lot to learn. And reading is for people like me - who have a lot to learn :).

I'm making a solid effort to read business books. Books that will challenge me and help me to make my business the best it can be. Books that will help me work ON my business and not just FOR my business. When I started my list of 101 in 1001 goals, I added a goal to help me stay accountable to this effort: Read 5 books to help my business & do reviews of each on my blog.

Today I'm checking it off!

I'm so glad I made myself write reviews of each book on my blog because it really helped me to think about what my take-aways from each were. And it was fun to get you guys involved in the conversation as well!

Here are links to the 5 book reviews I posted on my blog (in order with my most favorite at the top to my least favorite at the bottom):

Selling the Invisible
One Small Step Can Change Your Life (not technically a business book but one that is definitely relevant to small-business owners)
The E-Myth Revisited
Crush It!
The Big Moo

As you can see - I cheated a bit on the photo. I lent out two of the books I did reviews on - which is what you're supposed to do with good books, right!? - so I had to substitute a couple others for the photo. Just because I reached this goal doesn't mean I plan to stop reading and sharing reviews on my blog. I'm reading Book Yourself Solid right now so stay tuned for a review of it when I'm done!

I read business books because I have a lot to learn. But I LOVE reading for pleasure - mostly fiction with a great story that doesn't require any learning at all :). If you're a reader, check out goodreads.com and look me up to find out what I'm reading and what some of my favorites are!
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