I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and personable vendors and wedding consultants in the wedding industry. I love to refer my clients to professionals I have worked with who I truly believe will do an amazing job for them. I have a blog post dedicated to my favorite vendors, but I wanted to also occasionally spotlight each of them more in depth.

Today meet Amy & Kevin Kossman of Piece of Cake Desserts. I eat wedding cake A LOT. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of sorts in the I've-eaten-a-piece-of-cake-at-nearly-every-wedding-I've-photographed kind of way. Making wedding cakes beautiful is an art. They are sculptures really. Everyone wants their cake to be beautiful and make a statement. It's one thing to make a cake beautiful. But to make it beautiful AND tasty - that's the challenge. Most wedding cakes I encounter are beautiful. Fewer are tasty. When I tasted my first piece of cake from Piece of Cake I HAD to find out who made it. Ever since I have been recommending them. Seriously best tasting cake I've ever had. Since then I've had their cake a few more times and each time, without knowing ahead of time who made it, I can tell after tasting it.

And now I'm drooling.

Here's some Q & A to help us get to know Amy and Kevin better. Read their answers (coming from Amy) below each question:

How long have you been in business?
Piece of Cake Desserts has been in business for the last 10 years, during that time we have focused 90% of our business on weddings which has allowed us to become very specialized in the art of creating wedding cakes.

What got you interested in designing wedding cakes?
Like most aspiring cake decorators, it began as a hobby for me. It just so happened that even though I never really found myself artistically inclined, when I picked up a pastry bag, I was an artist. Who knew? I could pipe intricate details and paint on cakes - are you kidding? I've even been able to amp up my drawing skills to sketch out sample designs for brides that don't leave them running in the opposite direction. :)

What sets you apart from other cake designers in the wedding industry?
There are so many wonderfully talented cake artists in the valley, and it's always so exciting for us to see what other artists in our field are creating. I think what sets us apart from other companies is the commitment to not taking ourselves too seriously. Thanks to the humor on our FAQ page, and some of our asinine Facebook updates, we seem to attract couples who have a wonderful sense of humor which makes our job just that much more fun.

What should a bride and groom look for and consider at a tasting before deciding on a cake or cake designer?
Choosing a cake designer is a very important decision for a bride and groom, after all, the cake is still such a focal point for the wedding reception, especially now that cake designs have evolved so much within the last 10 years. A couple should make sure that the vibe they get from their cake designer feels right. Not only should they feel comfortable with their skill level, they should also feel confident in the company itself. After all they will be one of the many puzzle pieces that fit together to help their big day go smoothly.

What do you want all brides and grooms to know more than anything?
More than anything couples should know that as long as they've selected great vendors for their wedding, the overwhelming majority of the time, their wedding is going to go smoothly and everyone is going to have a great time. If something does go wrong, they are probably going to have a funny story to tell the kids :). Either way, try not to stress too much!

If you could only eat one type of wedding cake for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I am a chocolate fan no doubt - love chocolate anything and everything: brownies, cakes, cookies - but I'm not going to lie, I am in love with our almond infusion with almond cream cheese cake. I definitely could eat just that cake for the rest of my life. But I don't have to eat just one do I?

What is the most unique cake you've ever designed?
Although we have designed many unique cakes over the years, the one that seems to get the most publicity so to speak is always our signature inverted cake. This one comes in many shapes and styles and no matter how it's decorated, either traditional or modern, people love that cake!

Are there any other fun-facts that we should really know about you that would contribute even more to your coolness?
For us, it actually doesn't get much cooler than doing what we do for a living. I mean our job is cake...that's right, cake! It doesn't hurt that we get to make amazing cakes for the best brides in Arizona. Life is good!

Thanks Kevin and Amy! So fun to get to know you more!

Click here to go to the Piece of Cake Desserts website!

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