I recently hung out with some dear friends. We don't see each other often so when we do, there is lots of catching up to be done. They are kind people. They live rich lives. They are tons of fun and are very generous to others. But when I reflect on the time I recently spent with them, I am struck by how much they live in their own little world and by how little interest they showed in me. They talk freely about their thoughts and opinions but didn't ask me more than one question about myself the entire time we spent together. As I reflected on this, I quickly became convicted that I sometimes do the same thing. It's amazing how many times I notice something in someone else which leads to the realization and conviction that I do the very same thing. I guess that until I am on the receiving end and know how it feels, I often overlook my own insensitive actions.

I want my life to matter. I want it to be about something besides me. I want to care for others and show a sincere interest in them. It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in my own little world. I know it's an age-old temptation, but I wonder if technology and the information-overload of this age could be contributing to the tendency for us to focus on ourselves rather than on others?

Our interaction with others is becoming increasingly tied to technology through social media, blogs, texts, emails, and the list goes on. Are these things helping us or hindering us from caring for others more effectively?

I think it's easy in our fast-paced technology-driven world to become increasingly egocentric. After all, I'm blogging about me, tweeting my opinions and trying to keep up with a constant stream of information overload, all the while sifting through it in order to determine how it affects ME. Keeping up with the constant barrage of information is utterly exhausting. Lately I've been asking God to give me the energy to sincerely care for others because I feel I have so little energy in relation to the amount of need I am presented with. Can any of you relate?

What do you think? Does social media and information overload necessarily dull our ability to care for others or can we be purposeful and use technology to better connect with others so we can meet their needs and care for them more effectively?

It seems like with any technology - it is what you make it. You can blog with a specific purpose in mind. You can tweet with a specific aim. You can choose to listen or make it only about expressing yourself. I guess I feel challenged to use the technology and tools at my disposal to make a difference. Not just to grow my business or get more attention for myself. But to care for others sincerely.

Challenge extended. Challenge accepted.

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