Dixie turned 4 years old Saturday. And just in case there was any doubt what a crazy dog mom I am, I threw her a birthday party. Yep. I'm THAT kind of pet owner.

Really, it was just a great excuse for a glorified doggie-play-date and you can never have too many of those.

I sent out an evite to all Dixie's puppy friends and five of them were able to come! Yay!

We had the party in my backyard and the weather was gorgeous.
There were party-favor treats for the canines and a variety of yummy treats for the humans.
The birthday girl, I'm sure, had no idea what was going on, but she had fun all the same.
I love these shots of Wendy, Dixie's golden-doodle friend:
I got party hats for the dogs and Kyle was the only one who didn't seem to mind sporting hers. Dixie had a piece of her cake (which I picked up from Bone Appe'tit - a local dog bakery) and then came back to see if she could snag any more.
We had family photo time and all of the guest will be getting high res images of them with their pets!

Lindsay and Gemma - a yorkie:
Poor Gemma spent the entire party on Lindsay's lap. I think the whole thing was a bit overwhelming for her.

Sara and Abby - a Corgi/Chihuahua mix:
Joel, Andrea, their son Hamilton and Kyle - a female Australian Shepherd:
Ryan, Alex and Wendy:
Marcus, Gina and Paisley - a Boston Terrier:
And me and Dix got a few photos together too (thanks Sara!):
How much cuteness can you fit into one group photo?
SO FUN! I may have to make this a yearly tradition.
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