This week Dixie and I had some new roomies move in. Gina and Marcus are dear friends of mine who are in between homes. They needed a place to stay for a week or so and Dixie and I are THRILLED to have them. They came with this cute little package named Paisley:
Paisley is part Boston Terrier part spaz. She bounces off the walls and won't hold still long enough for me to pet her. I wish her and Dixie could be BFF but instead I often catch Dix looking and Paisley like, "What ARE you?"

Gina said we needed a family photo today so Sara kindly took these for us in the backyard. Fun times.
I secretly wish I could live in a commune with married people and dogs. And single people. No kids. Just dogs and adults.

And I'd like to decorate it.

That's my dream.

Thankful today for friends.
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