This project has been in the works for over a year. Which makes me feel lame. It's one of those projects I started then moved to the back burner when more urgent tasks arose. It wasn't an overwhelmingly huge endeavor but there were lots of little details and choices to make that slowed the process. But is the day of completion!

I got this idea from the fabulous Justin and Mary Marantz. It's a new client kit - a special gift for potential wedding clients when they come in to the office to meet with me. Pretty huh?

The red box is a document box I found at The Container Store. A white ribbon is used to fancy it up to look like a gift. When opened, the contents are wrapped in white tissue paper secured by a sticker with the clients' names on it - an added personal touch.
Inside are the goodies. Lots of handy info: my packages, tips for getting your best wedding images, a list of recommended wedding planners along with my top 10 reasons to hire a planner, and my favorite vendor list. All of these documents were created in Pages with lots of pretty photos and printed on a heavy card stock. We secured groups of pages with fun star shaped paper clips for some added whimsy.
Also included as a gift to the couple are two wedding magazines - a national magazine (my favorite is Real Simple Weddings) and a local magazine - preferably one that a wedding I shot is featured in.
So fun! I can't wait to give my first one out!

And in finishing this task I get to check another goal off my 101 in 1001 list! Yay!

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