Happy Valentine's Day blog lovers!

Truth be told, this isn't my favorite day of the year. Literally ALL of my local friends are married. I love married people. They're fun. But the last few years when Valentine's day fell on a weekend, I found myself sitting at home twiddling my thumbs wondering who I could hang out with. Thankfully this year V-day falls on a Monday so I can just pretend it's a normal run-of-the-mill stay-home-and-watch-the-Bachelor-even-though-it's-maddening day.

If you're married, engaged or dating DEFINITELY celebrate your love today. Celebrate it with wild abandon. But if you really want to make someone's day, take two minutes to text, email or call your single friends and let them know you love them. Single people need to feel the love too!

Speaking of feeling the love, I am completely blown away by a recent blog post that past MJ 2 Day attendee Amanda Pair wrote in review of her experience with the workshop. Amanda is a cutie-pattootie photographer based in Birmingham, Alabama:
I guess she often gets questions from other photographers about her experience with the workshop and so she decided to do a post to share answers to specific questions like - "Do you think it was worth the money?" and "Did you get out of it what you wanted?"

If you're considering attending an upcoming MJ 2 Day workshop or ANY photography workshop for that matter, it's wise to do some homework before forking over a large chunk of change for the workshop fee. What better way to find out the truth than by asking past attendees what their experience was? Click here to read Amanda's post and get a true insider's perspective on the workshop.

There are still spots left for this summer's workshops in Columbus, OH & Boulder, CO. Click here for all the details and to reserve your spot today!

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