Maternity photos really aren't my thing. I usually pass them on to other photographers. BUT my sweet friend Kindra is 7 months prego and she asked me to shoot "just a couple" photos so she could remember the miracle of pregnancy. K - so that last part is a lie. Like most women I know, Kindra isn't experiencing pregnancy as a glorious experience BUT she is looking forward with giddy excitement to the result.

A sweet, squishy, guaranteed-to-be-cute....boy.

This is cute Kindra:
If you don't recognize her, my guess is you haven't been reading my blog for very long. Which is ok. Newcomers are always welcome here.

Kindra started out as a client when I shot her wedding two years ago. Then I forced her to be my friend. Now, if you put the word "Kindra" in the search field at the top of my blog, you get 5 PAGES of results.

So even though I don't typically shoot maternity photos, I thought you might want to get an update on Kindra's cuteness.
We shot these Wednesday when it was in the 30s outside with a frigid breeze. So that definitely kept the shoot on the short side. But love this last one:
Can't wait to meet baby boy Hall in just a couple short months!
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