Using Twitter has paid off yet again.

My friend and fellow photographer Gail was following another girl on Twitter who lamented that she would love to bid on a piece of furniture on eBay but couldn't because it was only available for local delivery in Arizona. Gail thought of me, passed on the link via Twitter, and moments later I was the proud owner of this slightly worn, but very fun vintage orange chair!
It was just delivered this morning at the break of dawn. As in, they didn't tell me when they were bringing it by and I woke up to pounding on my door break of dawn. But it's all good! I'm up now and I have an orange chair.

For the moment it resides in the sun room off the back of my house. I still don't have a plan for it but I figured, for the steal it was, I can build a room around it if need be. Fun!

Thanks Gail and thanks Twitter! Happy Saturday everyone!

PS - If you want an easy tutorial on harnessing the power of Twitter - click here!
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