This is my first Christmas in my new house and it's also the first time I've hung outdoor Christmas lights! Yay!

Even though they're just simple large clear lights strung along the roofline, they light up my whole front yard and really make it feel festive. I love driving into my driveway at night and coming home to this:
I splurged a little at Pottery Barn this year on Christmas decor. Gotta make the new house feel cozy!!

Among other things, I got this fun wreath for my front door:
And here is what my living room looks like all decked out for the holidays:
I LOVE my fireplace. I got two garlands to match the wreath on the front door and even hung a stocking for Dixie. The fire warms up the space and our fingers and toes on a daily basis:
I love these star pillows from Pottery Barn and got a few for various spots in the house:
Here's my little Charlie Brown Tree. It's fake and skinny but I adore it.
I have a thing for Crate and Barrel ornaments and usually get a few new ones each year. These are my new additions for this year:
I also bought two little trees from Pottery barn to dress up other rooms in my home. The one on the left is in the kitchen and the one on the right is in my office where I meet with clients. I love the burlap-wrapped pots they come in.
Oh how I love the Christmas season!!

In other news, I am taking the weekend off! No internet, emails or Facebook. So have a great weekend and I'll be back online Monday!
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