Haha! The other night some cute friends came over to my place for our new small group Bible study thingy we recently put together and instead of doing what you're supposed to do at a small group Bible study, we played hooky and had some photo booth fun.

Promise was the mastermind behind the whole thing. She brought the bows, hats and streamers and I supplied the mandatory cookies and wine. That's right. If you have a Christmas photo booth, cookies and wine are required.
Stephanie brought Dixie's buddy Margo to join in the dress up fun:
I got a photo with my sweetie under a Photoshoped-in mistletoe :).
Here are the rest of the fun merry-makers (clockwise from top left) - Stephanie Bouck, Promise Tangeman, Stephanie Fay + Margo and Alex Evjen:
And here I believe I was going for fierce holiday cheer:
Dixie was such a good sport:
This one is hilarious to me. Neither Promise nor I got the memo that we were supposed to look drunk in this shot, but somehow we accomplished it nonetheless - in perfect unity.
Fun times:
These next two are our girl band shots:
I think Stephanie definitely outshines me as the lead singer.
And one last shot involving group spooning:
If you haven't done so already I would definitely recommend that you try this at home! SO FUN!
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