FINALLY. Finally I'm going to share with you some photos from my new house!

I moved in at the beginning of September. But since then things have been a complete blur of traveling, weddings, getting settled in and just trying to keep my head above water. Plus, I'm kind of a perfectionist and I don't like sharing "after" photos until I feel like a space is actually FINISHED. I've come to accept the fact that it never really will be -- I love decorating so things will likely always be in a state of flux -- but my family room is as finished as it's going to be. For awhile at least.

My house was built in 1954 but this room was an addition added to the back in the 90s. It's open to the kitchen (behind me in the above photo) and you can see the sliding glass door (left of the above photo) that goes out to a screened in porch and my backyard.

I had quite a bit of work done in this room. Here are a few before and after shots:
The white tile was taken out and replaced by wood floor. The walls were repainted and I had interior window trim put in throughout the house. I also updated the baseboards and added crown molding to the parts of the house that didn't have it already - this room included.
One entire wall was full of shelving. I had the three middle sections taken out. Also, do you see the room on each side of the shelving in the top photo? I had a carpenter come in and do some magic so it looks completely built in.
The fireplace looked outdated so it got freshened up with white paint and a brick facade. I LOVE the brick and how it ties in to the rug and contrasts with the wall colors.

I also had some recessed lights put in to highlight the shelves and my fine art prints I have throughout the space.

I don't know if you noticed in the above photos but Dixie is camped out in the green chair - one of her favorite spots in the house:
She definitely heightens the cuteness level of any room if you ask me :).

I LOVE this room and can't wait to use the fireplace as it gets chillier. It's such a fun bright space and Dixie and I are definitely feeling at home!

I'm still working on the other rooms but will share more before and after photos soon!

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