I've been back from my New England Road trip since Wednesday but there's been so much going on I haven't had a chance to finish blogging about it!

After we shot Danielle and Vinny's wedding on Sunday, we spent two days in DC. I had never been to DC before. My friend Shannon who came on the trip to assist me for the wedding is a junior high history teacher and has been to DC numerous times. So I happily handed over the planning for these two days to her. I was SO exhausted by then so it was all I could do to walk around and put my camera to my eye every once in awhile, but I'm glad we got the chance to fit this in to our road trip all the same!

It was a lot prettier than I expected. I loved the old buildings, architecture and all the trees:
Loved this walk next to the reflecting pool on the way to the Lincoln Memorial:
We stopped for a much needed patriotic popsicle break. Our friend Courtney lives super-close to DC so she hung out with us one day:
We unknowingly stumbled into the filming of Transformers 3. I've never seen any of the Transformers movies, but I guess the actor in the yellow car is Shia Labeouf - the main guy. And you can see the camera mounted onto the car behind them. Kinda cool!
And a couple more random shots. The top of the capitol building:
And a cool staircase in the Supreme Court building:
Good times. I can't believe how much we packed into 10 days!

3 shoots:
Brandon & Ali's Connecticut engagement shoot
Dave and Jessica's NYC engagement shoot
Danielle and Vinny's Virginia wedding

8 states:
New Hampshire
New York
New Jersey

And 6 of my 101 in 1001 goals checked off:
See a New England Fall
See a musical on Broadway
Take a carriage ride in Central Park
Go apple picking
Take a road trip and stop along the way at cool places to take photos
Visit one of the 10 states I haven't been to yet (CT, NJ, DE, VA - only 6 to go!)

Road trips are fun. Coming home after a road trip is even better.
Loved seeing and doing so many fun things. But you can't beat coming home to this cuteness:
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