I'm feeling so productive on this road trip. Not only am I doing two engagement shoots and a wedding, but I'm getting to check off so many fun goals from my 101 in 1001 list!

On Thursday night in New York #22 - See a musical on Broadway - was accomplished! We saw In The Heights which won the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical and came highly recommended.

Here we are outside our hotel all gussied up and ready to go:
We found out that Jordan Sparks of American Idol Fame was starring in the show which is fun since we are all fans of her sweetness and AMAZING voice. Lizzie - the young hip one in our group :) - is the same age as Jordan and went to high school with her so that made it even more super-cool!
The show was such a fun experience. We got our seats upgraded to the 2nd row of the balcony when we got there. Always a bonus to get better seats than you were willing to pay for! The set was amazing and I was thoroughly entertained. Jordan was great. Singing is definitely her strong suit where as her acting and dancing were just decent. It's amazing to think how young she is and how just a few years ago she was a regular high school girl. How amazing it must be for her to be starring on Broadway! I'm so excited for her!

I was prevented by law from taking photos in the theater but afterwards we spent some time being dorky tourists in Times Square. Here's one random image I snapped there:
Stay tuned for more fun times from NEERT (New England Extreme Road Trip) soon!
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