Yesterday my friends Shannon, Lizzie and I flew into Manchester, New Hampshire to start our New England Extreme Road Trip a.k.a. "NEERT." Ya, we came up with a cool name and everything :).

The main reasons for coming out to the East Coast are two engagement shoots and a wedding but I thought it would be fun to make a road trip of it and check off some of my goals on my 101 in 1001 list along the way!

Goal #49 on my list - See a New England Fall - was checked off today! It was such an amazing day. We did a drive that looped us from Manchester through Conway and Lincoln and took us through the White Mountains where the trees were turning gorgeous colors. Living in Arizona, we just don't get to enjoy the fullness of the seasons. I've been up in New England numerous times before but it's usually during the winter so I've never experienced a New England Fall.

During our drive we stopped along the way to try to capture the amazingness:
We took a detour off our route and ended up in Canterbury - a tiny historic town - were we found the church in the top photo of this post and this old graveyard. I love looking at old graveyards, especially in New England, because the dates on the grave markers are SO long ago. It's amazing to imagine how much history these places hold. We were blown away to find out that there were a bunch of gravestones with the last name "Kimball" on them - which is Lizzie's last name! There was even one with an "Elizabeth Kimball" (see top right below) which is Lizzie's given name and the road alongside the graveyard is called "Kimball Pond Road." I wonder if her family dates back to this area!? Such an amazing find!
This is the amazing view we enjoyed all day long - it was so refreshing!
Love these colors:
A shot from a historic shaker village we visited:
So pretty:
And a self-timer group shot:
What a great day! Tomorrow we're heading down through Connecticut to pick apples, shoot an engagement shoot in an apple orchard and spend the night in Mystic! Stay tuned for more fun from NEERT :).
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