After the MJ 2 Day finished up last week in Charlotte I was able to stay with my good friend Michelle and her cute family for a few days. Michelle is my oldest friend - we went to 4th grade together in Minnesota. In fact, that's the only year we went to school together. Shortly after I moved to Arizona and she moved to North Carolina. But we became pen pals and then she started to fly out to visit me in junior high and high school each summer. Her dad is a pilot so we lucked out in that respect. Then I flew out to be in her wedding and have been able to visit her 5 times since then. I really cherish her friendship and the times we get to spend together. I'm bound and determined to get her out to visit me in Arizona again sometime - I even put it on my 101 in 1001 list!

Michelle kinda got the raw end of the deal having me visit after the MJ 2 Day. I was pretty much a zombie. But I'm just thankful I got to spend a few days with her and catch up. We didn't have a lot of time, but I made sure we were able to fit in a mini portrait shoot. I love this red caboose that was hanging out just down the road from their home!

Michelle's kids are some of the most well-behaved I've been around. How cute is this!?
Rhiannon is ALL girl despite having three brothers. She is excited to turn 7 in November and loved modeling her blue dress for me:
Gavin (11), Aidan (4) and Logan (8) are all super-cute and had fun climbing on the caboose:
Here's Brian and Michelle who are responsible for all the cuteness:
What a cute family!
Thanks for having me guys! Can't wait for the next time!
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